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LOG2: Self Imposed Rules For Audios


I've said before that I don't use scripts for my audios on the channel. (save for the one I just did) It's quite a bit more "work" to do so, but I think it pays off most of the time.

It's not like I have a personal vendetta against scripts or anything, (the latest one was very good!) but I find that a lot of the time some of the "dialogue" doesn't really sound like something people say, and it also feels a smidge bit limiting. In any case, I also just like doing things myself.

The skeleton system video by now is super out of date and I don't even "use" it anymore. Nowadays, it's just straight improv until I think, "Yeah, that's a good place to stop."

Here's a list of "rules" or "guidelines" I set to make them sound as authentic and as real as possible. (This is not a hit piece against scriptwriters! I just want to give a bit of a "behind the scenes.")

The speaker is not a dictionary

Basically all of the characters that I play regardless of if they're confident or shy do stammer and trip up on words. That's O.K.! People aren't perfect. I do limit the time of "dead air" where I don't speak. Most of that time is either to let the listener "talk" or for me to think about what to say... which people do in real life!

The listener is not omnipresent

I feel a bit pulled out of the experience whenever I hear the speaker's thoughts. Same goes for when the listener isn't technically in the "scene," so whatever you hear being spoken is only what you would actually able to hear. Anything done off-screen (???) is either told to the listener or implied.

(I'm pretty sure I've broken this rule before.)

An illustration of light rays being emitted from somebody's head. Expanding brain meme.

Start laughing. Now.

Tropes are toned down... usually

The characters are relatively grounded, and are somewhat "anti-anime" in that regard. (This is now definitely a sentence that exists.) For example, the enemies are not actively malicious against the listener, the tsunderes do not spontaneously combust upon embarrasing moments, etc.

(This is probably going to change if I do more "characterized" audios. Whatever the hell that means.)

An animation of a short anime girl punching another anime girl. From ToraDora

Contrary to popular belief I am not Taiga Aisaka

Sometimes, the listener does have to suspend their disbelief slightly. There's still an element of romanticisation, and they're still tropes after all.

As a bonus, I try and avoid overusing words like "babe" or "honey," as well as most gendered terms. You rarely have to use them when you're talking to them one-on-one, unless you describe physical traits.

Just a reminder

These aren't hard set rules. Not for me, not for anyone. I'm not asking people to change their ways in making audios from how they like doing them. Likewise, you don't have to like the way I make audios. (Although, if you're here, you almost certainly do! <3)

O.K., infodump over. See you next time!

(Also, I forgot to complain about social media this time. Lamian lies once again.)