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Audio Roleplays + Guitar & Music + More...


Here's a list of resources that I use to run the channel, as well as some appreciation.

This website

Neocities is running on Neocities! Very simple webhosting that is user-friendly, and has a thriving community. I encourage you to check out other sites on the "platform!"

Neocities is licensed under the BSD 2-Clause Licence.

Fanlisty (EGGRAMEN)

This site uses modified Fanlisty by EGGRAMEN as its stylesheet. My CSS is not very good, so this helps a lot.

No licence.

Animated CSS Gradient

I found this cool gradient background that's used for the header. It's on CodePen, so it's probably O.K. for me to use... right?

No licence.

Fork Awesome

Those little icons on the side navigation bar and the homepage are from Fork Awesome, a fork of Font Awesome. It's free, and I don't need to make an account. Long live F.O.S.S.!

Fork Awesome is licensed under the MIT Licence.

Taste The Code Toolbox: YouTube Latest

Did you notice the scrolling marquee at the top of the homepage? Thanks to Taste The Code's Toolbox, it links to the latest video on the channel. Nice!

Taste The Code Toolbox is licensed under the MIT Licence.

Use & Modify

All the fonts are from Use & Modify, a collection of open source fonts. Useful tool, and it won't get me in trouble!

No licence.

Fonts in use: Syne Extra Bold Heal The Web A Monospace (???)


This website's colour scheme comes from Randoma11y, which adheres to WCAG 2.1 Guidelines.

No licence.

Real Favicon Generator

The first thing that came up when I hit search. Also, it generates favicons for all browsers, which is nice.

No licence.



All audios are recorded on Audacity, a free software audio editor and recorder. It doesn't look the best, but it gets the job done and more. I live for the built-in effects.

Audacity is licensed under the GNU Public Licence v2. (or later)


Thumbnails for the audios are created on Inkscape, a free software vector editor/manipulator. I know I don't exactly need a vector editor for tiny thumbnails, but I'm just so much more adept with it than I am GIMP. As an aside, all of the icons and cute graphics are also made with this.

Inkscape is licensed under the GNU Public Licence v2. (or later)


Free and open source video editor based on the MLT framework. It might be too simple for some, but it suits my needs well enough.

Kdenlive is licensed under the GNU Public Licence v3. (or later)

The Channel (and related)


The Lamian Audio channel, where all of the audios are posted to, is hosted on YouTube. I'm not sure I need to elaborate.

You are subject to their terms of service and Google LLC's privacy policy.


The channel icon (and the picture at the bottom of the about page) is drawn by Lunakei! They're very skilled, so do check them out!

This link leads to Twitter. You are subject to their terms of service and privacy policy.


If you feel so inclined, you can donate any spare change you have on Ko-Fi. You will forever have my gratitude :)

HOWEVER!!! Please, please, pleeaase take care of yourself before even thinking of throwing me a penny. I do not want you to ruin your life because of me; it's not worth it. I've made a video containing my feelings about this matter. Do watch it.

You are subject to their terms of service and privacy policy.

Survey Legend

For the suggestion box, I use this site. It seems to respect your privacy more or less, and additionally I've set it to be anonymous.

You are subject to their terms and privacy policy. If you wish to suggest something, (or send feedback) click here.

A vector illustration of an isometric cube with a happy face. A heart is shown on its