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script001 - A4A "Why Don't We Date?"

script001 - A4A "Why Don't We Date?" by Lamian is licensed under CC BY 4.0


  • friends to lovers
  • confession
  • bad date
  • longing
  • awkwardness
  • cuddling

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The speaker and the listener have been friends for about three or so years. (It doesn't really matter.) The speaker just got back from a bad date, and vents to the listener. Typically sarcastic with the listener, a certain doubt is in the air this time around.

Script Guidelines



(The door opens.)

(...) "...Yeah, I know."

(Door closes)

"I don't know about you, but I think I might be done." (...) "You know, dating around. (sigh) I don't think I have to tell you that it didn't go too well."


(...) "Um, some water would be nice."

(Listener goes to get water)

"Thanks." (...) "Well frankly, that might've been the worst date I've ever been on. They just... didn't seem too interested in me. Or the date. Or really anything. That was probably the most frustrated I've been in a while." (...) "They were just... on their phone most of the time. Like, okay: snap some pictures and check your messages and whatever-- fine. But don't... just... why... Ugh."

(Speaker takes a sip of water aggressively)

"I hate that kind of person. I really don't know why I stayed for so long. Like, they seemed like a cool person from texting but then this... I guess that does make quite a bit of sense. (chuckle) It's kind of funny in a fucked/messed up sorta way." (...) "...sorry. Yeah, I could be better."


"I don't know whether I should laugh or cry." (pause) "Geez, I'm really sorry. I show up basically unannounced and I dump all of this on you. I'm so sorry." (...) "...thanks. Well, hey. Enough about me: how are you doing? Maybe you've had better luck than I did?" (...) "No shit/kidding. You too, huh? What's your story?" (...) "Heh, I don't know if that's better or worse."

(They both laugh.)

"Yeah, you know what? Fuck/screw them. Let's have our own fun tonight. You still have the TV in your room?" (...) "O.K., sorry: 'monitor.' Screen's a screen! " (...) "Oh no. I am not letting you pick our next 'cinematic experience' or whatever you said." (...) "You know why! Last movie we watched was like what, four hours long or something?" (...) "No, I thought you were joking! I don't even remember anything from it!"

(Conversation trails off as they go into the listener's room. Add whatever you like)


(Faint sounds of a movie. The crappier the speaker quality the better.)

// Random friendly banter for a bit. You can add whatever silly conversations you think will fit here. Here are a couple example lines that you can base yours off of, or just say outright. //

"I swear the speakers on this thing got worse." (...) (jokingly) "No. I refuse to believe you like it this way. Shut up."


"We should've gotten snacks or something." (...) "Or sorry, I should've gotten snacks. (pause) Hey, hold on. This is literally your house!?" (...) "You know what, I don't even want snacks anymore."


(referencing the movie) "You know, I can do all of that." (...) "Yeah that's all me. I play all of these characters at the same time. (pause) (laughs) This is a dumb joke."

// Banter ends //

"I'm kinda cold. You have any more blankets?" (...) "Damn/darn. Not even a hoodie?" (...) "Yeah, I know I'm wearing one but... still! Not my fault your insulation's garbage."


"You mind if... I scooch over a bit?" (...) "Thanks."


"(chuckle) I don't deserve you, do I?" (...) "Well, considering everything that happened today, I'm just glad that I can come back to you." (...) "Yeah. I don't want to be anywhere else right now."


"I'm surprised you don't have anyone/a boyfriend/a girlfriend/a know, yet." (...) "You kidding me? You're... you. C'mon. (pause) Heh, and I don't say that lightly." (...) "(sarcastically) Shut up. Not true. Believe in yourself!"


"I guess I should take my own advice, huh?" (...) "I dunno, all this dating just... shoots down my confidence if anything. Like, it's kinda scary." (...) "Y'know, 'what if they think I'm weird,' or 'what if it just comes crashing down,' that kinda thing. You know what I mean?" (...) " get me."

(uncomfortable pause)

(...) // Why don't we start dating? // "...uh, what?" (...) "No, no! I didn't mean it that way. I'm just kind of... surprised? I guess?" (...) "Well, to be honest, I always thought you just saw me as a friend and no more, really."


"So, you know. I kinda gave up on you." (...) "Yeah, I uh, liked you for a bit. (pause) Or, I guess: I still like you... a bit. (pause) A lot." (...) "Well... The dates were just me trying to move on, you know. I thought maybe I'd finally let go if I did this. Guess not."


"Sorry. Ugh, I'm so sorry. Didn't mean to make you uncomfortable or anything, it just kinda... ugh." (...) // Listener confession // "...are you serious?" (...) "(stammering) I, uh... Oh. (nervous chuckle)"


"Hey, let me guess: you thought I didn't like you either?" (...) // Listener concurs // "Heh, we're so dumb."

(They both laugh.)

"You're so cute/pretty/handsome/(whatever compliment)." (...) "Oh no, I've always noticed. I'm just a pussy/coward. (laugh)"

"Hey, get closer. I'm still cold." (...) "(sarcastically) Yeah all of this is just a ploy to get warm. Uh huh."

(They hold each other)

"So, are we... a thing, now?" (...) "I guess that should be a little obvious. But hey, you never know."


"Guess I have to get used to this. Heh."


"Uh, where the hell are we?" (...) "I think we gotta rewind the movie. We missed like a bazillion plot points probably." (...) "Look, we both went in blind! I don't know!"

(The conversation trails off. Add some more dialogue as you see fit.)