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About Me

Hey! I don't publicly give my real name, so for all intents and purposes, you can call me Lamian.

I've been running the YouTube channel since March 27th, 2021. It's been lots of fun! (and very... interesting.)

After listening to ASMR audio roleplays for rougly a year prior, I decided, "What the hell, why don't I try?" After all, I've always been told that I have a very nice voice, (which doesn't actually mean much on its own, honestly.) So why not give it a try?

You might notice that there are a significant amount of non-Audio content along the actual Audios. It's not something I see on other Audio RP creators, which is a damn shame.

Know any other ASMRtists that will post a first impressions and build video of a laptop? Or a video explaining their creative process step-by-step? Or even multiple videos of cats!? No!!! Didn't think so! [1]

Are you a voice actor?

Hell yeah! Get in contact with me! (I will probably be happy to work for free, or cheap if that helps you sleep at night.)

A drawing of me, Lamian Audio!

Amazing icon drawn by Lunakei!


  1. If there are other creators who do, please inform me! I really want to see more people just doing whatever the hell they want! [To content]