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Latest Updates

20221211 - Scripts

this just in: guy who doesn't use scripts writes a script

you too, can get the lamian spice seasoning!! i'm starting to write some public scripts for anyone to use. see the guidelines for more.

i'll try and fill this one soon. in the meantime, have a read!

20221119 - Mastodon

It is really surreal hearing about Mastodon and open source on mainstream media. I just set one up, so go check it out! By virtue of it not being Twitter, it is already better than Twitter.

I encourage you to check it out! Especially fellow content creators :)
My handle:

(This will now be the second best way to contact me.)

20221020 - Ko-Fi

You can now donate one singular Canadian dollar to me monthly! The perks are tiny and it's strictly voluntary, but it's a much better way to support me over the ad businesss model. Let's destroy it together!!!

Who knows? Maybe you'll know what audios come out earlier... ;)

20220930 - Update Box

Update box is now live! From here on, smaller channel/site updates will happen here. If you're coming from YouTube, don't worry: the community tab will still be used. I'll just put more frequent, smaller updates here.

Who knows? Maybe you'll know what audios come out earlier... ;)